Schiff: Having Biden’s Testify Would Turn Senate Impeachment Trial Into Sham


Adam Schiff does not want the Biden’s to testify in the Senate impeachment trial, if they do it will be a sham… a lot like the sham impeachment hearing he put on! Their actions are at the root of the dems going after Trump where they cite he is guilty quid pro quo… extortion… bribery to have the Biden’s investigated as he allegedly withheld military aid. The aid was held up but it was before Trump had a phone call with Pres Zelensky, and if you just read the transcript you can see there are NO conditions made to investigate the Biden’s.

That won’t stop Schiff and his party from going after POTUS and preventing anyone from testifying who would prove he has done nothing wrong. The Biden’s are the crooks here, they’re the ones working with out enemies. This is about covering up massive corruption in the Ukraine between them and the democrats! There is $1.8B in foreign aid that has gone missing. So it’s no wonder Schiff objects to anyone testifying, and take note he slid any suggestion of their malfeasance or election interference is just Russian propaganda.

This guy is obsessed with Russia, and for the record the Ukraine did interfere in the 2016 election.

Lastly, Schiffty is a material witness as he fabricated a fake transcript, refused to bring in GOP witnesses and his team worked extensively with the whistleblower way beyond the norm and what is acceptable. The whistleblower’s statement was written like a legal brief, something Schiff, a fmr Asst US Atty, is well versed in.

Dems have zero power over the how the Senate conducts an impeachment hearing yet they’re doing their best to do so by dropping suggestions of cover-up if this or that isn’t done or calling it a sham if it’s not the way they want it. This is what they do holding 1/2 of 1/3 of govt power, just imagine what they’ll do if they hold the House and win the Senate.. and God forbid take the White House!!