Rep Bass: House Dems Open to Impeaching Trump Again If He Wins 2020


You heard Rep Al Green suggest it and here you have Rep Karen Bass making it official that the dems are open to impeaching Trump again if he wins the 2020 election.

Bass accuses Trump of committing a crime TMZ’s Harvey Levin never calls her out on, thus helping push lies, deceit and control public opinion. “Abuse of power” is not a crime nor is “obstructing Congress”. Those who think otherwise PRODUCE the statutes stating so. Also at no time did she say anything about Trump being removed from office because Bass knows impeachment DOES NOT EQUAL removal especially for petty non-crimes.

The dems better not gain control of the Senate and hold onto the House in 2020. If they do this country will be on fire. But if you want Bass and her ilk running the country and attempt to physically remove Trump from office then by all means sit home election day thinking “we got this, I don’t need to vote”.