Biden: Will End Limits on Number of Family Members Green Card Holders Bring to US


Democrats are tirelessly looking for ways to get as many immigrants legal and illegal into this country. They’ll do whatever it takes to replace each and every VOTING American who has a clue to their treachery.

No BS here – dems have shifted from using, /are in process of abandoning, black Americans replacing them with hispanic voters because black votes are wise to the abuse they’ve been subjected to for decades. Since 1986 the dems have been systematically pandering to hispanics leaving America’s front door wide open for as many to enter the country as possible.

Here we have Joe Biden committing to ending the number of family members green card holders can bring to the US. Just think with Biden as POTUS, it won’t be just Mom, Dad and a sibling being brought to the US but grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends of the family, hell half a damn village knowing how the dems work.

And you can be sure these people will set up camp in democrat strongholds altering population counts where there will be redistricting creating two dem strongholds thus doubling the number of Congressional representation! Again what the have done to California they are doing a massive scale to the country. Their end goal of course is to change American demographics leading to permanent one party rule as they did in CA.

Vote accordingly in 2020…