IG Confirms Deep Corruption at FBI, DNC Funded Dossier to Spy on Trump


IG Michael Horowitz, an obama appointee, testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Cmte and during questioning from Sen Cruz he confirmed deep corruption at the FBI AND that the Steele Dossier was bought and paid for by the DNC. There were many “moments” of revelation during the hearing, but Sen Cruz made it a point during his time to lay it all out with Horowitz’s confirmation from his investigation.

It’s been infuriating to know but to hear an IG”s confirmation that the this piece of fiction was used to justify sending “confidential human sources” into the Trump 2016 campaign after LYING to the FISA court. The DNC and Hillary Clinton bought RUSSIAN propaganda and used it to SPY on Donald Trump their their Deep State pals within the FBI; that’s how desperate they were to win in 2016. The entire DNC controlled media told Americans for years it was conspiracy theory that the democrats were behind the dossier and you won’t see any of them apologizing now for outright lying.

Everything the dems accused Pres Trump of doing they in fact did. The democrats COLLUDED with the Russians to INTERFERE with the 2016 election. How can anyone support these people after everything we have learned to date? Blue democrats, the handful of you that still exist WALK AWAY, come over to the Right where you will be welcomed just as you were in the 80’s supporting Pres Reagan. The unhinged violent radical Left has demonstrated how desperate they are for power which makes them incredibly dangerous. Don’t take what they do lightly, these people are out for blood – their Brownshirt’s, aka antifa’s, actions prove it.

This is coup d’état unfolding right before our eyes. The Left is crossing a dangerous line, they have one foot over getting us ever closer to outright armed conflict and there’s no sign of them backing off regardless of the fact the majority of 423M guns and 8.1B rounds of ammo are in the hands of the people they call deplorable.