Graham Doubled Down Vowing Not to Call Any Witnesses in Senate Hearing, DENYING Pres Trump Due Process

Earlier this week Lindsey Graham, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Cmte who will be tasked with holding an impeachment hearing, told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo he will not call Rep Adam Schiff to testify on his findings to impeach Pres Trump. Graham went a step further stating “I’m not gonna participate in things I think will destroy the country.” Today as the House Judiciary debates Articles of Impeachment, Graham appeared on Fox again and doubled down that he will not call witnesses to testify, “I don’t have any desire to call the Vice President, Pompeo, Hunter Biden or Joe Biden. We can look at the Biden affair outside of impeachment. My goal is to end this as soon as possible for the good of the country… I don’t need any witnesses at all…. I’m not interested in any witnesses.

By refusing to call witnesses Graham is denying Pres Trump due process; how will getting to the truth, by calling witnesses who are/were a party to an attempted coup d’état, destroy the country? You have to call the Bidens, Schiff, Chalupa and all the others involved.

I have no proof just a solid gut feeling and a history of being right about bad things (it’s a curse, nothing to brag about) that Lindsey Graham is KNEE DEEP in Ukrainian corruption…

…. like the Bidens, Pelosi’s son, Mitt Romney and others who have/ had their hands in the Ukrainian $$$$ cookie jar.

The only way we get to the bottom of what in the hell is going on, as well as truly draining the swamp, would be to get the players on the stand to testify. Graham wants no part of that. He’s protecting his pals in DC, the Deep State, and from the grave (McCain, who IMO was also engaged in the UKR corruption). The corruption we’ve seen in DC will never be destroyed if we do not hold those responsible accountable – Graham stands in the way of that happening. He told the country a year ago he would hold hearings to get to the bottom of the coup, but has held ZERO to date, and now for the second time says he won’t call anyone to testify.

This is one of the handful of times obama told the truth….

“The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide”

So what it Lindsey hiding? Those of you in investigative journalism start digging deep in UKR, I guarantee you’ll find dirt on Graham.