Dem Congressman: “No Limit to the Number of Times” Dems Can Impeach POTUS


Whether it’s collusion, bribery, extortion, or whatever new scheme fails where dems fallback to claims of obstruction of justice Al Green wants you to know “the president can be impeached more than once … there is no limit to the number of times” the democrat confederacy will try to impeach Pres Trump!

Green more or less admitted the unhinged violent democrat party has nothing on Pres Trump to justify impeachment. They are in fact deep sea fishing for something that will stick with voters and those in Trump won districts who are seeking reelection they can get behind. If you haven’t heard some dems are jumping ship, not supporting impeachment, one in WA isn’t even running for reelection again!

This is a witch hunt coup d’├ętat that is going to bring this country closer to a breaking point if these people don’t give it up.