Another Dem Admits Rushing Impeachment is to Stop Trump From Reelection

The democrat party is almost at critical mass from TDS. Rep Veronia Escobar makes it clear being 1 month (not even) away from 2020 the dems can’t wait for the election to decide the Presidency, they have to impeach Trump now to stop his reelection. You see America you’re too stupid to know what’s best and who to represent you. You’re not smart enough to elect a competent, professional President so the dems want to decide for you by taking President Trump out of the mix!

What Escobar, Tapper and all the unhinged violent Leftists don’t understand is that Trump is the President We the People chose because we’re tired of their elitism. We’re tired of them telling us what is best for us. We’re tired of being lied and manipulated by their corruption, like that in Ukraine, and want to burn the whole G-D system down via Donald Trump!

These people do not care about any of us. What you’re witnessing with this coup d’├ętat is a massive CYA by people who have been screwing us over for decades. They’re trying to preserve the power and control they have which yields them big financial payoffs.