Pensacola Attack: 6 Saudi Nationals Arrested / Killer Posted Manifesto


The facts are slowly coming out following today’s terror attack at the Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL that left 3 dead and 7 injured. This site is comfortable saying it was a terror attack carried out by a Saudi military officer training at NAS because news broke that 6 Saudis were arrested, where 3 on the base were filming the attack! The killer also posted a manifesto to twitter that was retrieved before Jack and his people in typical fashion took his account down. (They like to do this to leave us all in the dark as to what these monsters are posting, talking to and following apparently)

Things are better under Trump but the threat of terrorism always remains. Jihadists are everywhere, many come here legally other through our southern border. The democrats want to ignore it when they’re not blaming Trump and the GOP for any bloodshed. The GOP likes to sweep problems under the rug too out of fear of what the dems will say about them; neither party is innocent over their failure to get serious on issues of national security,.

Aside from today here’s a perfect case in point:
When yours truly flies I have to practically strip down naked at the security check point. Then after I go through the backscatter scanner I get a pat down! On the flip side when I went to see Pres Trump speak in Sunrise FL, everything that was in my pockets or that I was holding went on a table where a Secret Service officer searched through. I then walked through a metal detector and was granted access! Got it?

To fly I have to strip down but to see POTUS a simple non-invasive search.

That said who in the hell is vetting these foreign national military “students” on US bases? The program should be suspended all international “students” should be given a visit by the FBI and checked out thoroughly. Those with red flags obviously get the boot, the others permitted to finish and then that’s it. The program should be scrubbed, we should not be teaching people from countries who hate us how to operate our most powerful systems and weapons. America’s OpSec sucks.