Pelosi Has Meltdown, Comes Completely Unhinged Going on Tirade Against Pres Trump


House SPOKESWOMAN Nancy Pelosi, held the weekly presser where she admitted dems have been working towards impeachment for over 2.5 years, fielding lots of interesting and important questions from our stars in the media. At the conclusion of the presser she was asked by James Rosen why she hates Pres Trump? Apparently that hit a nerve where she went into complete meltdown!

First things first, DO NOT say this woman is insane. Why? It’s dismissive, it gives her an excuse to do and say the things we see from her. Nancy knows exactly what she’s doing, so long as she stays on AOC and the 4 Horsewomen of the Apocalypse’s script. She cannot handle the pressure she’s getting from the unhinged violent Left within her party. Look at her hand shake. Rosen accused her of nothing btw, he asked a question that clearly triggered her. As she meltdown take note she is looking up at the back wall of the room. She doesn’t believe word she’s saying otherwise she’d be looking at reporters and cameras.

Second, Nancy Pelosi H A T E S Donald Trump, republicans and conservatives with every fiber of her being. We know this by her actions, her political positions and the words that come out of her mouth for decades! She’s NO Catholic, because you can’t be the devout staunch Catholic she claims to be while supporting abortion!!! It’s impossible. “I support killing unborn babies, because it’s reproductive justice, and women’s right, but don’t you dare say I hate someone.” Please spare us Nanzi, own what and who you are.

Nothing this witch said is true about Donald Trump. He supports stopping gun violence, he just doesn’t want to see law-abiding Americans disarmed. He loves immigrants, HE MARRIED TWO OF THEM, he just doesn’t want people coming here illegally jumping ahead of the line and taking from taxpayers! There is no denial on climate crisis, because you can’t deny something that doesn’t exist! It’s made up just like everything this woman and her party stand on, and they couldn’t careless about the Constitution. The dems have been working tirelessly for DECADES to undo the Constitution, they HATE IT. These people care about one thing – power, control and money. Anyone who gets in their way is taken out – as they’re trying to do to Trump.

This meltdown is a small hint of what is coming less than a year from now from every single unhinged violent democrat/ Leftist. Dr Gina Loudon nailed it for Nanzi, and really the entire party who are imploding…