Dems Expert Constitutional Witnesses Get Eviscerated by GOP Rep


Todays impeachment circus in the House Judiciary Cmte, under Jerry Nadler, was more of the same that we saw from the Intel Cmte under Adam Schiff. Nothing new was learned, typical grandstanding from democrats members and bias, really hate being spewed by their expert Constitution witnesses. GOP members were able to get some jabs in, and like the other impeachment hearings this one had it’s MVP/ standout moment via Matt Gaetz.

After Gaetz eviscerated the witnesses for their bias, especially Pamela Karlan for attacking the Presidents teen son, he gave the dems witnesses the opportunity to spell out ANY material fact from Schiff report that would prove Pres Trump did anything wrong, as Rep Mike Turner did 2 weeks before

Nothing not a word, not one fact, no crime cited by any of these people. Yet the hearing continued with plenty of speculation, perverting the Constitution and the Founders intentions on impeachment. Jonathan Turley, a liberal, was the only witness with credibility and it showed since the dems didn’t want to ask him questions.

Profs Noah Feldman, Pamela Karlan and Michael Gerhardt BIAS is what you get in ANY college or university. They are the poster children as to why you should keep your kids out of these indoctrination camps.