Christian University Speaker Tells Students to Hide Illegals in Their Churches

James Standish was invited to speak at a religious event at Andrews University, a Christian university in Michigan, where he used the event to push his political agenda. He told students “to make their home churches ‘sanctuary sanctuaries’ to aid illegal immigrants in evading law enforcement, citing his discovery that ICE typically will not raid a church…. The ‘University Forum’ event fulfilled a co-curricular requirement placed on students at Andrews. While the particular event was not mandatory, students are required to attend a certain number of such events each term. Standish drew moral parallels between those currently harboring illegal aliens, the Underground Railroad, and those who hid Jews during the Nazi era.” ~CR

There is a big difference between one seeking sanctuary in a church over religious (obviously) or political persecution, true/legitimate death threats, slavery vs one using it to evade law enforcement for entering a country illegally because of economic or whatever bogus reason illegals are being coached to use. This is a tactic of the Left to abuse the system for political points.

The reason for this is post is to make it clear that what Standish is telling these students, who don’t know any better, to do is to break federal law. Under 8 US Codes § 1324 and § 1327 it is a crime to harbor and aid illegal aliens.

There is NO legal protection for churches to give sanctuary to illegals or criminals… people have been watching too much tv. Even corrupt, FAKE NEWS CNN admitted churches cannot provide legal sanctuary.

Standish is setting students up to get in a lot of trouble legally not to mention jail time for lousy political points. He is using schools to indoctrinate students, so if you think your kid is safe in a Christian Univ you’re wrong!