Abuse of Power


The democrat confederacy has officially charged Pres Trump with articles of impeachment for doing his job. TDS consumes their ability to think rationally, knowing AOC and the extremists who run the DNC and the streets have lost all patience with them, they want revenge for losing 2016.


At no time did Pelosi, Nadler or Schiff mention an actual crime committed. For example hands-down no doubt about it Hillary Clinton violated 18 U.S. Code § 793(f) over her clear well-documented mishandling of sensitive govt documents and information. We know this to be true because Jim Comey CHANGED THE LAW literally on the fly in realtime, during his July 5, 2016 presser, saying she had no “intent”. BUT if you read the law intent is NOT a legal test to be in violation. Pelosi and co never once said “the President is in violation of _ U.S. Code §_”.

The first charge of impeachment is over their belief Trump abused his power asking the Ukrainian President to investigate the Biden, and his disastrous son, the dems claim is his 2020 campaign opponent to infect rig the 2020 election. For the record Biden at this time IS NOT the DNC 2020 candidate, but the dems act like he is. If we are to believe the dems on this claim of abuse of power then almost every single President would be guilty of what they’re trying to pin on Trump.

The second charge is far more laughable because they didn’t even hit Trump with obstruction of justice, they charged him with obstruction of Congress. They want you to believe POTUS doesn’t have the right to go to a court to challenge their demands or to invoke Executive Privilege! They didn’t have a problem when obama ran to courts to push his agenda through or protect Eric Holder and others from testifying with Executive Privilege, but when Trump does it, it’s an impeachable crime!?

It should be noted at no time during this presser “collusion”(remember they burned up $40M+ on the Mueller investigation) “quid pro quo” or “bribery” were ever mentioned!

What you have here are 6 coastal elites taking action to undo the will of the country. They are doing what they accuse Trump of doing, ABUSE OF POWER, just as Jonathan Turley warned when he testified, “If you make a high crime and misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. It’s YOUR abuse of power.”

These Confederate Democrats have crossed a dangerous line officially moving this cold Civil War to warm by drawing up these Articles of Impeachment against Pres Donald J Trump over nothing. They claim they are acting to protect the Constitution but their actions denied him due process a Constitutional right! They are in fact engaged abuse of power to remove their political rival, because they don’t like him. They have put this country on a dangerous course to actual armed conflict because they met their match politically.

You better vote in 2020 and make sure everyone you know who is tired of this nonsense gets out to vote too. Do Not for a second say “Trump will win in a landslide” because this type of talk is what keeps voters at home. It creates complacency where voters will think “I don’t need to vote, he’s got this”. If you think it’s okay go ask conservatives in California, New York, Virginia and other states now under democrat control how its going for them?

Stop sitting on your ass thinking “someone else will do it”. YOU are that someone else!