FBI Dir Caves Let’s Clinton Off, Confirms US is Banana Republic

“our judgement is no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case”

It’s official the US as I have been warning is a Banana Republic now that the incompetent impotent FBI, more specifically Dir James Comey, has let FELON Clinton off For breaking multiple federal laws!

We now have absolute confirmation this nation is run under two sets of rules: 1) for the handful of ruling elites 2) for we the slaves.

So what do we do?

pitchforks torchesMany think it’s time for pitchforks and torches, frankly I agree! It’s time for people to stop with the whining and get active with acts of civil disobedience, initiating recall elections etc. More importantly we need to get an Article V convention rolling asap, as it is one of the last tools the Founders gave us to stop a tyrannical corrupt govt. The irony just one day after our nations birthday breaking away from one tyrant and here we are under hundreds who blatantly spit in our faces with a big smile on their faces!