In Memoriam of July 4th… Liberties Lost, Death of the Republic

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America dodged a bullet in the 2016 election with the change of guard and election of Donald Trump as President, which spared the nation from 4 more years of a “third obama term” under Hillary Clinton. Here we are in 2021 after the most corrupt election in US history with Joe Biden as “president” bringing that third obama term to fruition, picking up right where the marxist/communist left off thus the fundamental basis of this piece originally written in 2016 still stands.

The nation is still under threat from radical judges, elected leaders, celebrities and organizations looking to destroy what is left of this country. The division we experienced from 2008 to 2016 has gotten wider in just the last 6mos under the Jarrett-Obama-biden regime. We have shifted from the 18th century to the 19th century where half this nation, a modern confederacy, wants to see the other half destroyed. They did everything in their power, pulling out every trick in the book to remove the rightful leader of the US from office, while successfully silencing his supporters and as well as many within his party through the help of big tech oligarchs and Leftist billionaires!


All the problems we faced pre 2016 remain, they were only put on hold during the Trump admin while the democrat confederacy plotted to steal the Presidency and majority power through the 2020 election. We have too many people in power for far too long that have brought us to the brink. Rights remain under attack while the economy still teeters on collapse, regardless of the “news” you heard over the years. How do you go from people saying the economy is going to blow up, the debt is unsustainable, to hearing how great things are now under this fraud admin and all of a sudden there are jobs!?

You DON’T because it’s all bs! And to make matters more complex we have rogue nations preparing for war because the marxist’s admin swept everything under the rug the Trump admin attempted to remedy, only to leave us back to square one under the illegitimate individual who is in cognitive decline! The list of problems and threats goes on and on.

Some of what is written below was averted under Trump, but most of it still stands under obama’s puppet….

2016: If you’re looking for well wishes for a Happy 4th of July you’re not going to get it here! Instead you will get a small dose of reality and some tough love. Don’t know if many people out there agree with this but I do not see why so many are celebrating July 4th. If you have been paying attention to what is going on in this country then you know it is a shell of what it once was and frankly a slap in the face to everyone who fought and died to get us here! Personally I look on this day as a day of remembrance, in memoriam, as you would do to someone you lost. We are not the free people we once were, our liberties are lost. This day now symbolizes the death of the Republic we once knew. When was the last time you heard someone say “it’s a free country”? Say or do something controversial followed with that line will now get you in trouble!

The Judicial Branch has taken it upon itself to legislate law instead of interpreting law. Today they act more as judicial activists with rulings based on the political climate than on the Constitution. Their rulings are in fact direct contradictions to the rights upheld under the Constitution. The three branches of govt are in complete disarray, two of which are acting in sync to advance a radical destructive agenda. The Executive Branch, like the Judicial, makes laws with the swipe of a pen (executive orders) or a phone call (to one of many federal agencies under it) to bypass Congress as well. The third, Legislative, has more or less rendered itself irrelevant surrendering powers reserved to it under the Constitution to the rogue Executive Branch.

Free speech under the First Amendment is no longer allowed. Today if you say the wrong thing not only will you be demonized but your very life will be destroyed. People have lost family, friends and jobs for simply speaking their mind. Heck even thoughts are now being banned, identified as micro-aggressions which aid the race hustling industry and anti-American movement. For instance to even consider the idea that ‘the most qualified gets the job’ is a big no no now at a few universities which will undoubtably spill over into our lives. So beware, for the day will come when you will be charged for thought crimes as Orwell predicted in 1984.

Is this the Independence the Founding Fathers intended for all of us when they signed their names to that death warrant 240 years ago?

Let’s not forget about the never-ending assault on the Second Amendment that always gets a nice boost when some maniac, who should have been locked up in a mental institution, goes on a rampage or when terrorists attack. Now granted we have access to weapons for “self defense” but look at the amount of laws and regulations in place restricting 2A. In many states our rights to self defense have been incredibly infringed on to where citizens cannot even obtain a concealed weapons permit even though politicians can. We have a president and a legislature (federal and state) who have been vehement in their desire to use tragic events as a means to disarm the population. If they aren’t trying to ban certain types of ammo, then they go after the types guns, magazines, accessories etc (all of which cause huge run-ups which hurt Americans financially too). When those things fail new regs are passed or maybe a tax or they make the process to obtain weapons and CCW permits extremely difficult if not impossible. Case in point a woman in NJ lost her life waiting for a gun permit no thanks to the anti-gun bureaucracy. The next step is to take it to the courts but many courts have been stacked with liberal judges by the president and his former corrupt democrat controlled Senate to ensure that will be a difficult fight for the pro-gun crowd to win.

Do you need to be reminded about the NSA and how our Fourth Amendment rights are/ have been violated? Many of you out there shrug off the fact this govt is spying on Americans collecting data on each and every one of us because “I’m not doing anything wrong”. Are you sure you haven’t done anything wrong? Everything you do is tracked, do you really think there isn’t something out there that one day couldn’t be used against you? If the NSA doesn’t have something don’t worry because the federal govt has weaponized agencies like the IRS and EPA to go after Americans.

Guilty until proven innocent right? Tell that to the cops who are being persecuted daily now for doing their jobs. Or on the flip side look at the number of videos of people doing nothing wrong but have had some bad police officers approach them and arrest them for simply filming an encounter or being within their Constitutional rights to refuse to comply with orders.

States rights are out the door as this federal govt continues to encroach on state sovereignty, so goodbye Tenth Amendment.

Take a look at how our schools have become progressive indoctrination camps more concerned about teaching transgender sex than American history or how to balance a checkbook! Kids today are brainwashed that they are wonderful and great even though they haven’t done anything to deserve such praise. The entitlement generation just expects a trophy for showing up because it’s their right and they deserve it.

Do you remember as a kid growing up going out for the day to play being told to be home by 5pm / dinner? How many times did you and your friends go down to the local park or ball field to play without adult supervision? Do you remember being a kid asking mom/ dad for few dollars to go down town on your own to buy yourself a treat? The left has a name for this now, “free range children”. Try raising your kid(s) the same way you were raised today will have you brought up on charges of child neglect or endangerment!

When parents/ guardians speak out against school policy or their right to raise “free range children” they get attacked if not worse with a visit from Child Services!

Have we mentioned obamacare? Is being forced to buy something from the govt sound like something free people enjoy?

Taxes, regulations, trillions in unsustainable debt enslaving every single American, being told what you can and cannot say or do, our children being indoctrinated, surveillance everywhere, practically having to strip to get on a plane, police being militarized the list goes on and on all pointing again to the death of the Republic.

So tell me America with just touching the surface of freedoms we think we have but have lost why are you celebrating the 4th of July?

Yea we’re better off than Venezuela, N Korea, Iran and a few other holes around the world but do you honestly believe we are as free today as we were 20, 50, 75, 100 years ago? This nation as it is today is not what the Founders envisioned. What we have today is not the end result these men intended when they put their lives on the line by signing their own death warrant aka the Declaration of Independence. If they could see us today they would look upon us with disbelief and most likely disgust. We got rid of one dictator and replaced him with approx 500 tyrants (few rebels remain).

“What are we supposed to do?” That old dusty document signed on this day 241 years ago spells it out…

Declaration Signing

“… when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

The problem is YOU do not have the will to invoke the powers delegated to you because you are conditioned to listen to those in power who are only protecting themselves. You hate DC, you want them all gone but anytime you try to do something about them they step in and say “no you can’t”.

The People: “Let’s get an Article V Convention going to stop this out of control govt…”
DC/ Power Elite: “You can’t do that! And to even suggest it is silly not to mention it will be a runaway Convention putting Constitution in danger…”

Do you always play a game with someone who is the type that likes to make the rules up as you go along, where it only benefits them?!?

Wake up America…