Media Downplayed Coronavirus, Called It Less Serious Than Flu


When you hear the media and Leftists attack Pres Trump over his handling of the China virus keep in mind when he was talking about it and issuing a travel ban they were obsessed with calling him a racist and seeing him impeached. Up until March 4th the democrat party controlled media was downplaying the severity of the coronavirus stressing more concern over the flu…

If anyone is culpable with blood on their hands it is the media and democrat party. They played it down which set a tone across the country that resulted in people thinking Trump is racist (AGAIN), not taking simple precautions, traveling when they shouldn’t have (especially college students to Spring Break destinations).

When this is all over a lot of people, besides China, have to be called out and held accountable for what they did. The Left as a whole went from 0 to 100, trivializing the virus to making people think it’s the virus from the Walking Dead or The Stand. The media’s handling of this pandemic has been disgraceful to the degree even Dr Fauci and Dr Birx have had to set them straight. They don’t report news, they push political propaganda with the objective to destroy Donald Trump.

Teach them a lesson in November no matter what, reelect Trump and run as many dems out of office as possible.