Pelosi Takes NO Responsibility Over Congress’s Slow Response to Virus and Her Delaying Relief Bill


Nancy Pelosi took no responsibility over how she and Congress responded to getting aid to Americans affected by the virus. Touting three bills they pushed through, Pelosi claims they could only do so much because they needed Trump’s signature, suggesting he was delaying aid. At no time did she even address her delaying the massive $2T relied bill after trying to slip in all types pork spending.


To be clear in the early stages of this virus THIS is what Pelosi and co were focused on Jan 15th…


They cared more about impeaching Donald Trump than the virus. He issued the travel ban on China Jan 31 while dems were holding their impeachment trial in the Senate, where he was acquitted Feb 5th. The dems priorities are and have always been on destroying Donald Trump. He was taking action  while they were playing games, as none of the nations business got done for a good 2 months.

Pelosi’s statement today is just as bad when she blamed the President for Americans deaths. They have to draw up the bills for him to sign. They did nothing for TWO MONTHS, but of course it’s Trump’s fault for that too!

Vote these SOB’s out in November. They’ve clearly demonstrated they cannot be trusted with any degree of power.