Biden Dodges When Asked if Pelosi is Right Trump is Responsible For American Deaths


Joe Biden was asked a clear direct question whether Nancy Pelosi was correct saying Pres Trump is responsible for the deaths of Americans. In typical Uncle Joe fashion he dodged whether Trump is responsible or not, choosing to go into his typical Monday Morning Quarterbacking as to what Pres Trump should be doing in response to the China virus, like enacting the Defense Production Act.

Biden continues to push lies about supply shortages that are in fact already being produced/re-supplied, suggesting that because there aren’t enough PPE’s and equipment for medical staff and the sick, that those who have died are Trump’s fault! This was a classic response from a hardcore politician.

Pres Trump does not have to enact Defense Production Act because companies across the USA are VOLUNTEERING to make and are CURRENTLY making the very items Biden claims are not available! Masks, gowns, ventilators etc are all being produced right now by GM, Ford, Dyson, My Pillow, Jockey International, Raytheon, countless alcoholic beverage companies are making sanitizer, and many, many others are helping. The FREE MARKET is working, we don’t need Big Govt to force them to do anything, they’re doing it on their own proving CAPITALISM works and SAVES lives!

Biden is either lying or hasn’t paid attention to any of the pressers Trump has held every day… like yesterday when he had more CEO’s speak about what they’re doing to help….

What Joe doesn’t mention is that he and his fellow bureaucrats are directly responsible for the lack in many of these supplies because they coddled to corp America to make trade and outsource manufacturing to China easier for them. Don’t ever forget that we would have a lot of these supplies here if the US stood up to China who has been “outbidding” anyone to manufacture anything because they use (write this down) slave labor! Of course American based manufacturing can’t compete with China when they barely pay their people anything to work, many live in packs crowded in tiny “apartments” and they barely have anything to eat thus their willingness to eat anything thus the wet markets!

Trump is not responsible for anyone dying from this virus, CHINA is! Anyone suggesting so is pushing Chinese Communist Party propaganda and an enemy of America.