Pelosi Blames Trump For Virus Deaths: ‘As the President Fiddles, People Are Dying’


The democrat party has not let a day go by that anyone who is sick or dying from the C H I N E S E virus is somehow Pres Trump’s fault. They’re hell-bent pinning this virus and how it was handled on Trump with the hopes to sway voters upset and affected by the virus to support the demoncrat candidate (most likely Joe Biden) for President.
[Tell us again Fox News how Trish Regan was wrong!?]

House SPOKESWOMAN Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seemed phased one bit after delaying the aid bill, that cost more American jobs and resources to medical workers, taking to MSNBC to in fact blame Trump for the deaths saying ‘As the President fiddles people are dying’.

What she’s doing here is comparing Trump to Roman Emperor Nero who supposedly played the “fiddle” (didn’t exist in that time period, nor is there any record of him doing so) as Rome burned (historians believe Nero started the fires). Trump did everything he could to be prepared, including issue the travel ban early on that everyone on the Left deemed a racist act. Let’s also not forget the obama regime FAILED to replenish used medical supplies and did nothing to ensure the nation was ready for a pandemic after dealing with swine flu and the ebola outbreak.

Pelosi is truly one of the most vile and despicable politicians this country has ever had. She will go down in history as the worst House Speaker. Divisive never-ending rhetoric like this is why there is no coming back for the democrat party. They just keep hitting Trump and the Right harder and harder everyday. There will be mea culpa moment, no “I’m/we’re sorry… took it too far” “Didn’t think it through and just acted out over emotion.” These monsters know exactly what they’re doing and saying.
They DO NOT CARE about the permanent damage they’ve done to this country.
They do not care if their words trigger another Alexandria.
They do not care if you or someone you know gets attacked on the street for wearing MAGA related clothing or displaying a sign or flag.

The Left HATES Trump and they HATE YOU for putting him in office.

Are you sick of this? Do you want to get back at Pelosi, the dem party and media liberal hacks like Jake Tapper? Then you better get the word out to everyone you know and have them to those they know who are tired of this and vote for Trump and the GOP this November. Democrats need to get slaughtered in the election, if not POLITICALLY exterminated from holding any degree of power.