With Regan Out, Fox’s Intentions Are Becoming Clear

Fox News announced it had “parted ways” with Fox Business host Trish Regan last Friday, many are confidently attributing to on air monologue over a “coronavirus hoax” created by the dems to impeach Trump again, which didn’t sit well with American Chinese Communist sympathizers in the media and Left. Everything Regan said on Mar 9th is true, but if the Left and especially the ChiComs don’t like it well then you’re in big trouble..

So what’s really going on at Fox?

This move and many others, obvious to longtime viewers, conservative guests and even the President, who has expressed dismay/disappointment, of their change in content and coverage shows the networks intentions are becoming clear – Fox is playing the long game to survive post-Pres Trump!

For years Fox has been/was the go to for republicans and conservatives, especially during the obama admin and in the run up to the 2016 election. But ever since Trump was elected and took office, along with several big names leaving the network coupled with Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox’s parent company Newscorp, handing the reigns over to his sons (who are big time liberals) the network has been changing its content and coverage. More and more daytime hosts and guests began to show their true colors that they are not fans of President Trump. Just mentioning Shep Smith, Judge Napolitano, Juan Williams, Neil Cavuto, Marie Harf, Chris Wallace, Bret Baier (YEA he’s no angel!), the absurd hiring of Donna Brazile and a never-ending list of liberal and NeverTrump guests gets conservatives blood boiling. [Yea yea Paul Ryan being on the board] Constant negative coverage, cheap-shots, low blows or very subtle hits against Trump and conservatives are a common occurrence, including from up-and-comers like Leland Vittert and Gillian Turner.

Most staunch republicans and conservatives only tune-in for The Five (putting up with Juan Williams lies and dem propaganda), Tucker Carlson Tonight, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham during the week and Judge Pirro, Gutfeld Show, Watters World and Mark Levin on the weekends. On Fox Business the pickings are quite slim with Maria Bartiromo, Charles Payne (he’s been fair to Trump), Lou Dobbs, Regan and Kennedy (who has been okay too).

The long game is this – Fox has made a clear shift to Center-Left because they want to capture the market share/viewers of CNN, MSNBC and the other networks who have gone off the deep end upsetting and turning off their moderate democrat viewers. They are ticking off their viewers in the same way Fox has, who is preparing for the Post-Trump era. When Trump leaves office all the people who are watching now won’t be when he’s gone. Fox wants the viewers from the other networks to cover for those they’ll lose so they’re doing this gradual change.

Trish Regan’s ousting is another confirmation of this. Her monologue wasn’t that bad, keep in mind her show is an opinion show like Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham. What she did is nothing compared to what contributor Donna Brazile, who is still on Fox’s payroll, has said. Go listen to Juan Williams for a few minutes, he’s spewing all kinds of liberal progressive bullshit every single day no different from Regan being pro-Trump. He’s still there with his 7 figure contract.

You can argue against this theory all you want but there is no other explanation for what Fox is doing. They made out like bandits with ratings and ad revenue on Trump’s coattails; lost a lot of clients along the way too. It’s a business, they want to stay profitable post-Trump and the only way to do that is be CNN-lite attracting those moderate viewers. Keep in mind CNN, MSNBC and the others are DOA the day Trump is no longer in office. When he’s gone they have no one to attack, except for the RINO’s in DC, the NRA, gun owners etc. But that won’t be enough for Cooper to Maddow to survive, Stelter will lose his mind – when Trump goes they’re all done! Fox/Newscorp execs KNOW THIS and they want to get those viewers so that’s why people like Trish Regan are getting the boot! And don’t be surprised if another high-profile personality is gone before the end of Trump’s presidency.

The only good thing about this is it opens the door for up and coming networks like OAN or some entity that doesn’t exist yet. Glenn Beck and Mark Levin are doing what they can to bring talent over to Blaze TV acknowledging people can’t be spending X dollars on every single “show”, but the cable tv gods aren’t so kind we may never see the Blaze everywhere. Something new and better will come out of all of this hopefully bringing all the talent and personalities doing their own thing online.

People on the Right will grin and bear Fox, but the day will come when the channel is permanently turned off. Fox’s pandering to the Left is obvious, who knows maybe when Trump is out he’ll buy/start a network to put them in their grave!