Biden Dodges Question Whether Obama Admin Should Have Replenished Medical Stockpiles


The media has been quick to criticize Pres Trump over his preparedness to deal with a pandemic. What they fail to address is how the obama admin handled the swine flu pandemic, as well as the ebola outbreak, and the steps they took to be prepared for the next pandemic.

From the looks of things the obama admin’s lack of replenishing medical stockpiles became Trump’s problem opening the door for scrutiny we hear from the media day after day. Here’s Joe Biden appearing on CNN with Anderson Cooper where he dodged a direct question whether the obama admin should have done more to replenish medical stockpiles saying “I was not part of it”.

Biden, like obama, picks and chooses what to take credit for or point the finger of blame. He can blame Trump all he wants but the facts say otherwise as the LA Times and Bloomberg News both reported the obama admin depleted the N95 mask stockpile and never restocked.

Biden is also wrong about CDC cuts:

“The Obama administration repeatedly sought to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), yearly budget requests show — seemingly undercutting former Vice President Joe Biden’s repeated attacks on the Trump White House for its pandemic preparedness.

Numerous Democrats, including Biden, have falsely claimed that Trump slashed the CDC budget, and Biden has suggested that he would never pursue similar cuts. The Associated Press has noted that those claims “distort” the facts, with pointing out that CDC funding has actually increased under the current administration, largely because Congress insisted on maintaining funding levels for both CDC and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).” ~ FoxNews

Biden’s claim Trump didn’t get serious in the early days is nonsense.  China refused to give US health experts access to help and contain the virus. Second, Trump issued a travel ban, which Dr Fauci and other experts have said saved lies, while Joe was busy calling him a racist along with the hacks in media.

This guy wants to be President and he can’t even handle a softball interview, he has to dodge questions and lie to get through. Trump is going to bulldoze over him in the presidential debates.