Hospital Ship Arrives in NYC After Maddow Said ‘Nonsense, It Will Not Be There Next Week’

March 20th MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who has lied just about everything from Russia Russia Russia to thinking she had the goods on Trump’s financial records to impeachment, confidently declared Trump’s promise for “one of those hospital ships to be operational in New York Harbor by next week” is “nonsense, it will not be there next week..”

Well the final nail was driven in what little credibility Maddow may have had in her proverbial coffin as the USNS Comfort sailed into NY harbor today!

You really can’t call Leftist’s like Maddow in the media Fake News as that would suggest they produce some degree of actual news. What they do produce 24/7/365 is fiction, very bad fiction not even worth being shown at 3 am on some local cable access channel.

You can be sure the liberal hack will come on air tonight making some non-apology apology that just goes to show how evil and divisive she is. Shame on anyone who still watches her show which is different from the conspiracy bs you see from people like Alex Jones!