Trump Rips Acosta Over “Nasty, Snarky” Question


We’re living in an unprecedented times, where people are sick and dying, millions are out of work, economic bubbles are being triggered that could very well drive the US and world into a global depression. But Narcissist and Chinese Communist Party sympathizer Jim Acosta always wants to be the center of attention during a Presidential presser. Instead of asking a serious question, as others at these pressers, the political activist asks Trump a “nasty, snarky” question, dredging past comments trying to make the President look bad.

Acosta isn’t doing anything to make things better, he’s working tirelessly to drive hate and division.

Did Trump play down the virus earlier in the year? Yes. Did he take action during that same time period to protect Americans? Yes! We’re going to bring up that travel ban every single time these radical leftists try to make him look bad. Someday someone is going to grab all the videos of the media playing the virus down in the beginning, especially when they condemned and called Trump a racist for the travel ban.

Trump has tried to keep things positive and not cause a panic unlike the media who has been fearmongering 24/7, welcoming, if not celebrating, stories about Americans dying from the China virus. Just when you think they hit a low after Russia conspiracy, then how they treated Justice Kavanaugh and then the impeachment virus they show they’re ready to go lower during this pandemic.

These people are political activists trying to work this pandemic to their advantage with the hopes of beating Trump in Nov. Vote Trump and GOP no matter what happens. If dems win jerks like Acosta and CNN will be emboldened to spew more lies and division.