Dems Brazenly Talk of Using Pandemic to Restructure America


The democrat party isn’t missing a beat in trying to capitalize off of the pandemic. They are epitomizing what Rahm Emanuel said years ago to never let a “serious crisis go to waste”. They already got a lot of what they wanted in the third emergency relief bill at price tag $2T, and are brazenly talking about how they will continue to use the pandemic to restructure America going forward as a fourth bill is most likely to come.

Listen to these people, did you hear them say anything that helps the American people who are directly affected by the pandemic? Nothing they demanded in the bill that was passed and nothing they’re pushing for going forward has anything to do with the virus or helping you. This is a power grab by the party who only controls 1/2 of 1/3 of the total government power in the US. They’ve weaponized the pandemic, holding aid up to get what they want because they know the GOP will cave under public pressure to just do something. And the moment the GOP blinks dems run to the cameras lying that the GOP doesn’t care or only wants to help Wall Street.

Vote them out or you will be kicking yourself a year from now.