MSNBC Runs Segment Blaming Fox News For Spread of COVID-19!


Before you ask, NO these people are shameless! The media portrays themselves as truth seekers keeping the govt, more specifically Pres Trump and anyone who supports him, in check but they’re engaged in political activism. What kind of sad pathetic life does one live, to sit around thinking of ways to point blame at the President or a media outlet who is not carrying the DNC’s water!?

Fox News has A LOT of faults but they, nor POTUS, military, NRA, conservatives, Wall Street or Corporate America (these are the normal targets of dem finger pointing) had nothing to do with the virus spreading. China did this to the world. WHY we don’t know yet (but yours truly has an idea, we’ll save for another day).

AS you watch this keep in mind MSNBC, NY Times and NBC News are the same outlets who pushed the Russia Russia Russia conspiracy, misled viewers Trump committed acts of obstruction and abuse of power for the last 3+years aiding the democrat party’s coup attempt via impeachment. These are the most dishonest SOB’s on the planet, and we haven’t forgotten how YOU Stephanie Ruhle put FELON, scam artist, extortionist and all-around scumbag Michael Avenatti on a pedestal like he was obama 2.0!

If you’re tired of this garbage from the fringe media then you must reelect Donald Trump Nov 3rd, and send him as many reinforcements in Congress as possible.