Bennett: Dem Party “Shameless”, Warns Last Time US Was This Divided Was the Civil War


Bill Bennett, among many hats he wears, is a historian. While speaking about the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing yesterday, on Fox’s The Story, he commented on how the democrats are shameless with how they’ve conducted themselves to stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed. Bennett continued about the atmosphere of American politics and social discord saying what this site has been saying for quite a long time, that the last time there was this level of divide and discourse was the Civil War.

This site has produced examples of how the discourse has manifested into physical violence that we are on a path to civil war based on numerous attacks against conservatives and republicans up to and including an attack of a state representative on the Texas House floor last year.

All that is missing today from the late 1850’s is for US Senators and Representatives to come to blows within the halls of Congress. WHEN that happens it will be one of the last warning signs that civil war is coming to America, as it was in 1856.

The left has already spilled the blood ofr republicans and conservatives from the attempted assassination of 30 GOP members in 2017, the heinous assault of Senator Rand Paul to countless acts of violence on our streets. In every instance the instigator is a democrat/ leftist. [Don’t want to hear about Charlottesville, White Nationalists are socialists, they are not conservatives or on the right. And one act of violence doesn’t equate to years of multiple acts of violence.]

Listen to it again how Bennett closes, we “got over it[civil war]”, no we had to have a fight to come out it to be okay.

Prepare for the worst hope for the best, but I have warned many times on this site this country will have to go through the dark tunnel one more time, and you better hope the right people are standing to lead at the other end.