Sheriff Proves High Capacity Magazines Have NO Effect on Shooting Speed

It seems after every mass killing or terrorist attack the left launches an all out assault against the Second Amendment. Videos like this demonstration on whether high capacity magazines have any effect on a guns shooting speed (fire rate) are a must see as it demonstrates how deceitful the left can be from actual facts. This vid like others proves the anti-gun lobby/ movement will say and do anything to get their anti-gun agenda through.

For experienced gun owners you will already know high capacity magazines do not determine a guns fire rate. This video is for educational purposes for those around you or you are in debate with who are on the fence about restricting magazine capacity. That said.. the fire rate for any semi-automatic gun is determined by how fast you can pull the trigger. One pull of the trigger will expel one round of ammunition. Semi-automatic weapons CANNOT fire in full automatic, the internal mechanics do not exist in these weapons to fire in full-auto, one would have to purchase a fully automatic weapon to do so. To own a fully automatic weapon requires an extensive background check by the ATF, an additional tax paid along with being able to pay the high price for said weapon which on average is well over $10,000+… for one weapon!

(Side note: Yes, STR is aware Sheriff Campbell has resigned, what happened in Boone Cty is irrelevant to this and the other videos he produced)