Senior FL Imam Asks Reporters Not to “Sensationalize” Attack, Calls for More Gun Laws (Watch)

Muhammad Musri President of Islamic Society of Central Florida spoke in the wake of the Orlando TERRORIST attack at the Pulse nightclub asking reporters to not “sensationalize” the attack! Sorry but reporting the fact that an islamic radical killed 50+ people is not sensationalizing the attack.

If that wasn’t enough Musri also stated we have had too many mass shootings (which this isn’t really) and something needs to be done! This was not a “traditional” mass shooting carried out by some unhinged lunatic. This was a planned terror attack by an islamic radical that 3, count them THREE democrats Rep Alan Grayson, Senators Bill Nelson and Adam Schiff have clearly stated.

This attack has nothing to do with gun control. For the record Mateen was investigated by the FBI and was a LICENSED ARMED security guard, holding a “G” license which allowed him to travel anywhere with a firearm. That means he PASSED a background check or two, so NO LAW would have stopped him. Those of you pushing for more gun control, politicizing this TERROR ATTACK are evil!

By the way take notice no Jewish or Christian leaders were asked to speak!?