!WARNING America! First Possible Sign of Civil War Coming to the US Took Place in TX House of Reps (VIDEO)

In 1856 Representative Preston Brooks viciously beat Senator Charles Sumner with his cane in the well of the Senate over the slavery debate, where just a few years later the nation fell into a full civil war. For sometime now I have been commenting on videos about politicians in other countries coming to blows on their legislative floors, that when we see that in the US Senate or House it would be a warning America could very well be on its way to a second Civil War.

While things remain “civil” in the US Capitol, for now, such a warning sign has now gone off in Texas of all places. Texas State Rep Matt Rinaldi was threatened and physically attacked by democrats after he called ICE to report illegal aliens (ENCOURAGED by democrats to defy the law) in the gallery holding signs proudly proclaiming they are in the US illegally and ‘here to stay’.

While many people will shrug this off, those of us who are students of history see the writing on the wall. The tension in America is getting worse by the day. Make no mistake about it we are in a COLD civil war right now. The absolute hate coming from the left (democratic politicians, media, academia, entertainment etc) against Pres Trump, republicans, TEA Party activists and conservatives is growing exponentially. Every case of violence we’ve seen to date has been carried out by the left against the right, yet the democrat controlled media continues to report the right as intolerant, violent and dangerous.

We are already seeing groups of Americans to begin fighting back against the countless domestic terrorist groups supported by the democrats, George Soros and the like. Based Stickman and many like him are organizing and directly engaging BLM, Antifa, Black Bloc, etc at monuments, colleges and universities and other locations across America. The uprising will only grow as we go deeper into the Trump administration.

Democrats are holding onto a dream of impeaching the President over claims of collusion and obstruction regardless of the fact the President has not committed a crime. The left has been violent since Trump was elected, what will they do when special counsel Robert Mueller finds no evidence, as many in govt have already declared, against him? Think long and hard about that based off of what you seen. Think about all the democrats who are calling for impeachment, swearing the President is engaged in criminal activity with the aid of the corrupt media. Keep in mind many of them encourage lawless as it is now, just as the democrats in the Texas House. Take all of that and think what will happen when they don’t get what they want with this collusion witch hunt, keeping in mind collusion is NOT a crime!

So with all that said, let me once again warn you America, when you see members in the US House and Senate come to blows, be prepared for SHTF. What happened in TX is a clear warning sign it is coming.