Watch Maxine Waters Get Triggered by Pro-Trump Constituent: “You Can’t Impeach a Woman of Congress”

This was quite entertaining to watch as the woman filming, Melanie Bell, a constituent of Maxine Waters and Trump supporter let the congresswoman know she wasn’t happy how Waters was representing her district in DC. Waters was all nice and cordial until Trump’s name was mentioned and went into one of her unhinged tirades, yapping about Trump being a liar, mocking of a disabled reporter (which wasn’t true), the grab her in the p**** comment and apparently added a new conspiracy theory that Trump is in with Putin over oil! When challenged on her claims and mentioning what happened when Clinton was POTUS, Wiggy clearly triggered ranted away promising to impeach Trump. Bell fired back that she will work to have Wiggy impeached where the corrupt politician yapped “you can’t impeach a woman of congress!”

Oh REALLY WIGGY! You think because you’re a member of Congress you can’t be impeached or thrown out of office!? This is the arrogance all dem elected leaders have, that they are above the law. Waters of course takes it a step further that because she congresswoman she’s untouchable… in a way it’s true. Why? Well as you know anytime you go after a corrupt black leader they pull the race card that the only reason they’re being targeted is because of the color of their skin.

Waters needs to be run out of office, if not for funneling almost a million dollars of campaign funds to her daughter then for advocating rebellion and sabotage against the border wall, WHEN it gets built.

Updated: Yes it sounded like she said “woman of color”, but playback and enhanced she is saying “member of congress”. Doesn’t change things, Water’s still believes she is untouchable and WILL pull the race card if anyone goes after her.