CNN Host Gets Destroyed By John Sununu For Russian Collusion Fake News

Once again Alisyn Camerota demonstrates why she was cut loose from Fox News and fits in perfectly over at CNN. John Sununu took her to the woodshed, even having her admit on air there is no evidence of collusion.

The media has literally created another boogeyman over claims Jared Kushner is/was working on a back channel to Russia being a bad thing. It’s entertaining how they leave out every single administration has done it! It is such a common practice, it was even cited and key tool used in the movie The Sum of All Fears..

Just as collusion is not a crime neither is talking to the Russians! This new witch hunt against Jared Kushner is more news entertainment from the radical unhinged dangerous left looking for a crime. To answer Sununu’s question to Camerota, dems won’t eat one once of crow for the outright lies they’ve been pushing for almost a year. They will, IMO, take to the streets burning and destroying property, “punch nazis (aka anyone who disagrees with them) in the throat”, scream into any news entertainment camera it’s all a conspiracy. How do we know this to be true? They’ve been violent since election day. Mark my words, when their little story of collusion/obstruction or whatever they cook up between now and then is proven to be fiction the left will be as violent as they have ever been to take attention off being completely wrong!