Rush: The GOP Are ROAD-BLOCKING Trump More Than The Democrats Are

Rush has it right on this one. The GOP holds majorities in the House and Senate yet the democrats continue to get their way even though they’re the minority. Why is that? Well let’s be honest the majority of the republican party are RINO’s, we identify them as the GOPe or another way to identify them is to call them progressives! Progressives are the same for the most part, in the case of republican vs democrat progressives the only difference between them is delivery of their message. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and countless others are no different from Pelosi, Schumer and co. They all want the power, they play to our emotions and hot issues so we keep electing them over and over again like the lunatics we all are!

How are they same, some might wonder? I give you exhibit A:

Dem progressives rolled out obamacare. Rep progressives rolled out RyanCare, which is pretty much the same if not worse piece of legislation in US history. BOTH want universal govt controlled healthcare… see no difference.

There are only a handful of legitimate republicans in both houses; guys like Cruz, Sasse, Paul, M Lee, Freedom Caucus members etc. They are more or less rebels up against almost impossible odds when it comes to legislating. They are the ones who while may have been at odds with POTUS during the primary have actually come to his defense and sided with him since he was sworn in. They want to get things moving along but GOPe leadership is right there to make excuses.

Trump promised to drain the swamp, but the truth is that job is on each and every republican voter. America you need to send these SOB’s packing to get reinforcements to the rebels otherwise Trump’s agenda is going to be DOA.