CNN Jokes About Democrat Violence on TX House Floor, ‘Democracy in Action’

There is nothing amusing or trivial about the dust up on the TX House floor. Many seem to ignore or be completely ignorant of the historical basis and ramifications, I pointed out yesterday, if elected leaders cant keep themselves under control. Leave it to CNN though to joke about democrats assaulting and threatening a republican because TX State Rep Rinaldi called ICE in over illegal aliens being present in the gallery. Had it been the other way around, we know the drill. Democrats would have run to the cameras over how this assault was uncalled for, the representative should be removed from office yada yada. But because dems attacked a repub, ehh “that’s democracy in action”.

Dems resorting to violence because they dont get their way IS NOT democracy in action. It’s an act of rebellion and insurrection.

These people are playing with a stick of dynamite, by trivializing this clear assault and not condemning the actions of their fellow party members. Now that it has happened once, and the perps are not being held accountable, it will happen again and again. America you do not want to see this happen in Congress. While this assault is nothing compared to Brooks vs Preston in 1856, make no mistake about it it is a warning sign real trouble is coming to America.