Wiggy Waters Continues Pushing Collusion Conspiracy and Impeachment Talk

Democrat radical Maxine Wiggy Waters continues with the lies of collusion and hopes of impeaching Pres Trump, with the help of fellow radical and democrat party propagandist Joy Reid. They refuse to accept reality that collusion, while very bad politically, is NOT a crime. There are NO STATUTES against anyone doing what the left claims Pres Trump did with the Russians.

While Reid, may.. may have an excuse, sitting US Representative Waters has no excuse to lie about what are the grounds to impeaching the President. There was no crime, ‘Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes of Misdemeanors’ were not committed necessary to impeach the President. What she is doing is telling the same lies over and over again because eventually people, uninformed and uneducated, will think “They’ve been talking about this for so long, even Fox News covers it, so there must be something there.”

Understand this, all of the collusion, obstruction and impeachment talk by the democrats is a massive lie. To date they have not produced one shred of a crime committed, let alone cite a law broken. These people are vile, evil and frankly very dangerous to create such divide and hate all because they don’t like the Pres of the United States.

The only people “getting weary” are normal Americans who are tired of the outright lies from the dangerous, unhinged, violent democrat left.