Unhinged RACIST Student Mob Takes Over Evergreen State College

What you have here America is a perfect example of the hardcore RACISTS that are bred/ indoctrinated by the very institution(s) they are attacking! Listen to the filth coming out of their mouths, they claim whites are racist for simply existing, not realizing they are actually the racists! They whine about white privilege but all America sees once again is their privilege to carry on being what they allegedly oppose. These are the same monsters who are trying to have “deeply progressive” Prof Bret Weinstein fired for not taking part in their “day of absence”! All you liberal/ progressive professors had no clue your own kind will turn on you did you!?

If the dopes running these indoctrination camps want to get some control back, they need to start failing these little spoiled monsters and expel a few of them. Furthermore if you are an employer don’t you dare hire one of these little bastards. You see how they are while in school, imagine what they will do working for you when you need something done a certain way and they refuse!? The little shits coming out of ALL of these indoctrination camps are unemployable IMO and will be first in line for govt handouts because they cant get a job with their degree in gender studies.

Lastly, let me tell all of you college/university administrators and educators one thing you can absolutely BANK ON…
NORMAL Americans are TIRED of the hate, vitriol, division and outright racism you are creating. There is a reckoning coming….