Dems & the Media Are Lying, Collusion is NOT a Crime (Vid)

For three days straight one democrat, who voted for Hillary Clinton, has broken ranks because he stands for civil liberties and the rule of law. One man has more or less blown the lefts argument, “Trump has broken the law, colluded with the Russians,” out of the water because he chooses to tell the truth over carrying the radical party’s water.

Harvard Law professor, well renowned attorney, Alan Dershowitz has stated unequivocally collusion is not a crime. There are no laws on the books to stop anyone, although it would be bad politically, to collude with the Russians or any other entity.

Even Geraldo Rivera has come out to say the same, there is no crime.

EVERYTHING we have been hearing for the last 8-9 months is a lie. Some call what the dems are doing, gaslighting, others call it Alinsky 101 (Rules for Radicals). Whatever you call it, it’s nothing more than telling lies over and over again until they become facts. The left is more or less brainwashing people on a massive scale via tv, radio, internet and print.

When you are confronted on or offline that Trump is “colluding with the Russians” demand whomever it is produce the statute(s) stating such. Do not argue or continue the debate. They say it’s a crime, have them produce the law saying so, and while they’re at it some evidence.

Speaking of proof, there has been an unprecedented number of leaks. Don’t you think if Trump was colluding with Russia those who have been leaking info since Nov 2016 would have made sure said proof of collusion would be front and center by now? Deep State (obama loyalists) have leaked just about everything about the Pres even the most ridiculous and petty; that he likes to watch the news in his bathrobe, got 2 scoops of ice cream vs the 1 others got, likes his steak well done with ketchup! Think about that, they want you to know all of this about him but not one document, audio or video recording of Trump conspiring with the Russians!? That in itself is proof claims of collusion we’re clearly made up as a pathetic excuse for Hillary’s loss.

America the democrats are lying to you. Rep Cummings is calling on the media to hammer away on Trump… I’m calling on each and everyone of you tired of this bullshit to hammer away on them!