Coulter Warns if Trump Doesn’t Keep Promises Dems Win in 2018 & Impeach Him (Vid)

Yuge Trump supporter Ann Coulter appeared on Varney & Co speaking on Pres Trump performance saying “we’re not getting what we voted for”. She stressed those who support Trump “voted for a wall, for enforcement of our immigration laws, for not being the world’s policemen, for ending NAFTA”. While not happy she continues to support and defend Trump, but warns if POTUS doesn’t keep his promises “republicans will be wiped out” as democrats will capitalize, retake majority in the 2018 midterms “and they absolutely will impeach him”.

Coulter makes some good arguments but it’s only been 4 mos into this presidency. While supporters like Coulter have a right to be angry and guarded, they need to give it more time before a final say. The dems while unhinged, irrational and rabid could very well sabotage the midterms for themselves.

There’s no telling what will happen in 2016. Polls are the last thing anyone should be referring to. They were completely off and still being run b the same batch of snake oil salesmen.