Unhinged Leftist Assassin Tries to Change Balance of Power in Congress

“Unhinged Leftist Assassin Tries to Change Balance of Power in Congress”
No one in the media is putting it that way are they? Of course not because the truth hurts.

James T. Hodgkinson, of Belleville, Illinois, was (he’s dead) an unhinged leftist whose attempted assassination on republican lawmakers failed to change the balance of power in Congress. Had Rep Scalise (shot in the hip) not been at the baseball practice today there’s no telling how many republican lawmakers would be dead right now. You see, Scalise is the House Whip, he has a security detail who were able to respond, defend and take down the assassin.

How do we know this was an attack against republicans?

Reps Jeff Duncan and DeSantis actually ran into the assassin on their way out before he launched his attack. He asked them if those on the field were republicans or democrats, they kindly told him republicans and the attack ensued shortly after. Today was a clear attack, an assassination, on republicans that had it been successful the balance of power in Congress would have been affected! It’s been estimated 15-25 republicans could have been murdered today had Scalise’s security not been there. That’s 15-25 potentially open seats, where no votes are being cast and in some cases could’ve been replaced by a democrat!

This is how sick, demented, dangerous and unhinged the left has become. Make no mistake about it this attempted assassination is the culmination of vitriol and out right HATE coming from democrats, Hollywood and the mainstream media. The left applauded Madonna when she said she wants to blow up the White House, they’ve propped up Kathy Griffin as the poor victim, have no problem with the Julius Caesar play where Trump is depicted being assassinated and generally have turned a blind eye to countless other examples from their own normalizing violence aka institutionalized evil. Scalise and the three others wounded blood is on the lefts hands. You people own this, you have no say going forward when more of your own commits these heinous acts of violence, all because you lost a God Damn election!

Do you people hear and see yourselves? You lost an election and are so mad over it you have inspired violence from those within your ranks.. YOU OWN ALL OF IT!

For the record history has proven these acts of violence 99.99% of the time are carried out by democrats, leftist radicals and the like. Regardless, the right is always blamed as being the violent ones even though the left can never produce any proof. So we’re clear in less than a year:

Democrats, leftists have attacked and assaulted Trump supporters, republicans and conservatives at rallies and political events.
Democrat lawmakers attacked a republican lawmaker on the TX House floor.
Democrat attempted to assassinate republican lawmakers today!

The democrats and the left are beyond dangerous…

The next American civil war has begun.