Tucker Grills NYC Council Member Who Wants More Gun Control

NY City councilman Jumaane Williams was given multiple opportunities by Tucker Carlson to tell the country, the world for that matter, what law would have stopped the Alexandria shooting (or any for that matter). His answer repeatedly was “How do you stop the supply of guns in these communities?”. I dunno buddy how do you stop the flow of guns through the black-market? In some mass shooting cases the weapons were purchased legally, a background check was performed and nothing showed up to stop the sale. In other cases said weapon was acquired illegally in one respect or another (stolen, straw purchase, back of truck in a dark alley). There is no way to stop illegal gun sales. There is no way to stop someone from stealing a gun (under their own roof or from elsewhere). Does the councilman want to police the border to stop the flow of guns coming in from Mexico and parts unknown? I though democrats didn’t want the border under watchful eye!? You can’t have a wide open border one second and then another calling to cut off the supply of guns.

Like clockwork Williams attacked the NRA suggesting they are blocking anything from getting done including a CDC study. Apparently he can’t do any research on his own and expects to get his facts from the CDC; this is one show Dana Loesch should’ve been on, she would’ve destroyed this clown. If that were true that the NRA is in the way why did they help establish the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)? The problem isn’t the Second Amendment, NRA, gun shops or owners, it’s the unhinged people, mainly leftists, who go on shooting sprees because the little babies can’t get their way.

There are no laws on the books now or in the future that can stop these shootings, obama’s fmr Press Sec admitted it..

as well as gun grabber fmr Rep Gabby Giffords husband, Mark Kelly…

The truth of the matter is democrats do not want to have a discussion about gun laws in America. That is why this man never had a straight answer for Carlson. All dems want is a complete and total ban, and confiscation of every single weapon in America. They love the European and Australian models, even though they have failed multiple times. Dems believe if you get rid of all the guns gun crime will disappear, “Criminals won’t be able to have them either”, as if criminals follow the law. Dems deny the fact criminals and terrorists will get their hands on a gun one way or another or use a knife, truck or bomb to do their killing. The killing will continue no matter what they do, and good luck trying to disarm 90 million Americans!