MSNBC Analyst: Trump Tweeting Could Be Obstruction of Justice

Talk about reaching, tweeting could be considered obstruction of justice! What is wrong with these people? The media is actively looking for a crime to pin on Trump! If they cannot find a crime you can bet your last 2¢ they will invent one! As of Comey’s testimony this Russian thing is over, there is no obstruction or collusion. No bribes or threats were made, there was no destruction of evidence let alone any crime committed. Do you really think Mueller would let Comey testify otherwise?! Of course not, this is nothing but a witch hunt by the sorriest bunch of babies we have ever seen.

The crap media talks of bringing down the rhetoric after yesterdays attempted assassination of 15-25 republicans, but here they are ramping things up. This is the crap that fuels lunatics like that assassin who got taken down.

The leftist media,democrat party and their dolt friends in Hollywood are fully engaged with acts of rebellion/insurrection and sedition against the President of the United States. They ARE modern day Confederacy pushing this country into civil war!