Judge Pirro On Fire! Eviscerates Obama on Egypt, Destroys Organizers of Million Muslim March & Blasts NSA

Judge Pirro was on fire tonight in these 3 segments! First she eviscerated the emperor on his poor foreign policy and handling of Egypt…

Pirro hammered obama saying GWB was more popular than he is in the arab world, she went on saying “the truth your indecisive unclear and feckless foreign-policy has literally run our relationship with that region into the ground and here’s the rub. You’ve been giving billions of our dollars to countries who not only give us nothing in return but literally hate our guts!”

How insane is this govt of ours to be handing money over to nations who absolutely hate us! The Judge continued citing the Christian churches and women and children being killed by those obama supports. She asked some great questions as to who made us the police of the world and why are we still in Iraq and Afghanistan, after all he said war on terror is over right!

This guy lies through his teeth, is buried in political scandals and has lost all credibility around the world. Maybe if we were energy indent like the Judge points out we wouldn’t have to deal with the middle east. But golf games and celebrity parties are more important to Obama-dashian!

If that wasn’t entertaining enough the next segment the Judge destroyed the clowns promoting the million muslim march on 9/11. These clowns are so full of crap it was pure entertainment watching Judge Pirro torch them. They can’t even get their facts straight from a previous Fox appearance and their own words from their stupid website!(No I’m not linking it here, I’m not advertising for these creeps) Judge got so ticked off she cuts one guys mic!

No muslims in the US are being vilified, heck they are allowed to show up at someone elses protest, start praying where the original protestors are told to be quiet in respect! So that alone is proof there is no mistreatment, bigotry etc towards muslims in the US. It’s actually the other way around where anyone even remotely suggests something negative about muslims on certain social networks they get shutdown! Tell me how many muslim sites are active in the US calling for the death of Americans? Plenty I’m sure but it’s us racist whites who get silenced.

Finally, the Judge went off about the NSA scandal and the lack of transparency by the imperial regime following the new revelations this week about citizens privacy being breached thousands of times per year.

She really makes you think at the end citing how much data about us will be available and who will have access. Would you want all your records available to someone when you go looking for a job?! Such a great point made and shows we must pressure congress to put a lid on this clear invasion of privacy but also violation of our civil rights!