Thank You Glenn Beck For Telling Oprah “You Disgust Me”, The Progressive is Finally Exposed

Thank you Glenn Beck for saying what many in this country are feeling and countless more are afraid to say!

I’d like to thank Oprah for outing herself as the racist she is. You see I have had a theory about her for a very long time that I have had some very heated arguments over.

When she outed herself as a racist the pieces came together about this progressive. What are progressives known for? Patience and time to advance their agenda, among others. Look at where we are at today, this nightmare we are living, as Mark Levin indicated recently, is well over 100 years in the making.

Progressives know they cannot make drastic shock and awe style moves so they slowly meticulously work in their agenda over a long period of time. This is exactly what Oprah has done for well over 25 years to America. She has in fact, like all progressives, socially engineered behavior to an entire generation. We have people today whose upbringing is based on her views and opinions. Some started out from the cradle others a little later in life. I contend it’s not just one generation, now in their 20’s, but we have their parents and grandparents who have grown and been indoctrinated by Winfrey! You see it everyday.

What the hell am I talking about? The best example I can use to demonstrate what this progressive has done is via American Idol. Many watch the early audition episodes of this show for the pure entertainment of the train wrecks that show up seeking stardom. Those train wrecks are a pure example of her indoctrination. How many people have..READ MORE