A Look Into Our Future Under Obamacare: Cancer Mum’s NHS Drug Plea

This is how our friends across the pond are dealing with the United Kingdom’s version of Obamacare! How many warning signs do people in this country need to hear and see that this disastrous bill must be stopped. We are running out of exits on this round we are traveling! Let the left and imperial emperor use their scare tactics of a government shut down, it’s not that big of a deal! We will live through a shut down we won’t when obamacare regs kick in restricting access to the availability of life saving/ sustaining drugs!

We need to stand and walk into the fire with the House and Senate “rebels” working to defund obamacare this September.

Mum In Drugs Battle To Prolong Life
By Emma Birchley | SkyNews
A mother with terminal cancer is being forced to fund a drug that she believes would give her extra time with her young children after being refused it by a special government fund.

Lauren Dixon, 30, thought she had beaten breast cancer but in 2011 it returned and spread to her liver and spine.

Private insurance entitled her to 12 months of Avastin, which is not available on the NHS, and it successfully shrank her tumours.

But when her consultant applied to the Cancer Drugs Fund for more, she was told she was not eligible as she had already been treated with it before.

Lauren, from Upminster in Essex, said: “I never gave birth to two children to expect to leave them at such a young age, at six and eight, and I just think about what they are going to go through when I’m not there.

“How do you explain to them that something that potentially could prolong your life, you are not allowed?”…more