Mark Levin Explains Threats of Government Shutdowns Are Scare Tactics

past federal govt shutdowns

The government does not shutdown, there’s always enough money. Levin explains in the is clip the debt is still paid, checks still go out for social security & medicare. The military, law enforcement, intelligence, VA all covered by statute. Congress on their own can fund anything they want. The continuing resolution is like a package deal to get everything funded in one shot, but it isn’t the final say. Threats of shutdown are nothing but scare tactics by progressives.

Look at how many we have been through! We are still here!

If progressives want to make threats of government shutdown for political gain let them it’s time to call their bluffs! The way we do that is support Sen’s Lee, Cruz, Paul who are seeking to defund obamacare. Remember Darth Hussein used these same scare tactics with the sequester and we have spineless uninformed republican leadership who go along with status quo.

We must trust Lee, Cruz and Paul this time around, this is our only chance to stop obamacare. Stand with them walk into the fire!