Lindsey Graham Gets Berated At DC Airport


Here we have one of the biggest backstabbers in Congress, Senator Lindsey Graham getting berated by very, and rightfully so, pissed off voters.

[If you can’t handle 4-letter words move on]
Longer clip

I Do Not Have A Problem With Anything that was said to Graham. He and the rest of the spineless traitors in the GOP deserve it and far more (and that goes double for the democrats). This is the same Graham who promised he would get to the bottom of things with the Russia hoax, where for almost a year he didn’t hold any hearing in the Senate Judiciary!

The republicans really don’t get it yet, even after vids like this that they’re over, done, finished. What’s going on right now is not really about Trump, it’s about American’s votes being nullified.. ERASED while we’re told, “if you want to change things vote.”

Okay how the hell does that work when our elections are literally stolen? The evidence EXISTS, two vids alone show the same ballots being counted 3 and 5 times, anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR and complicit with the election being stolen.

Graham, Romney and 99% of Congress KNOW this and chose to move forward certifying FRAUD – they are in fact parties to election fraud!

Everyday there better be vids like this, do not let up on these people when you see them in public. They serve us, we are their masters, hold them accountable and feel free ripping them a new one. DO NOT listen to the goody-goody type people, “that’s not nice, it doesn’t get us anywhere.” Oh yes it does, eventually these monsters will break from the daily harassment.

Said it before, I’ll say it again, these bastards are never going to stop until We the People put the fear of God in them.