Schumer Promises Sweeping Dem Agenda


All who hated on Pres Trump are going to get exactly what they wished for when the illegitimate old kook and harlot take power. Chuck Schumer, aka Harry Reid 2.0, with that big stupid evil smile is vowing push the dem agenda through – and it will be done at breathtaking speed!

Dems learned from the time they wasted during obama’s for 2 years in power how they wasted that time. They put all their time on obamacare, where amnesty, climate change nonsense and gun control went untouched. Well you can be sure this time around with a completely mindless idiot occupying the Oval Office they will make sure to get all of that done before the 2022 midterms.

They know they will piss people off, risking getting thrown out of office, so you can be sure SCHMUCK will do everything he can with Nanzi Pelozei to finish what obama started – the fundamental transformation of America, and stupid Joe will be there ready to sign whatever they put in front of him.

Maybe they won’t rush it through, since they know how to steal elections they have nothing to worry about come 2022!