Big Tech is Ignoring a Warning From 2018 About Deplatforming Users


There are people who make a living on the net relying on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, Instagram etc) to promote and sell whatever their product is. By censoring if not deplatforming these owners, or even their customers, these tech oligarchs are taking money away from people, whether you agree or not.

Couple that with the impact of the “pandemic” that has been completely weaponized against everyone (producers to consumers) people’s source of income becomes even tighter, or non-existent, creating levels of tension and frustration like never before. For example a bar owner who uses social media to publicize their business has been shut down, and they now use those same social media platforms to voice their anger and frustration. Bar owner says something that violates the terms of service or community standards of whatever platform and gets thrown off or similar happens to the people they’re speaking out to. What do you think is going to happen when you not only silence people but also, even worse, take away their source of income?

Well we already know what will happen because it happened in 2018, where Nasim Najafi Aghdam shot up a YouTube office in San Bruno CA, after she had her content restricted and demonetized. Hell most of you probably don’t remember or never head about it. Aghdam was not a big star so no one really cared, except the gun grabbers, “she was just some unhinged nut”. Okay fine I’ll give you that, but now you have A LOT of Aghdam’s out there in the same position, where they have been cut off from their audience and their source of income, some have much higher profile than she. Now do you care what’s going to happen? Will you care when this happens again and progressives will surely weaponize it to go after more of our rights especially the Second Amendment!!?

It is only a matter of time, not question of if, someone violently lashes out at Big Tech, as Najafi did to YouTube. These companies (politicians, media and special interests too) are pushing everyone’s red button now because democrats are in power, so Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Pichai feel emboldened and protected to carry out this “purge” we’re witnessing, where anyone including the President of the United States can be deplatformed.

Now many of you are probably sitting there shaking your heads “it’s never gonna happen, no one is going to get violent like that.” Uh huh again some unknown shot YouTube up over what we’re seeing play out on a much larger scale now. Also need you be reminded about 2020 being the year that proved anything is possible? And for the record 2020 was such a screwed up year the Pentagon more or less admitted there are UFO’s but it didn’t phase anyone because it was such an insane year! 2021 is picking up right off from where 2020 left off – it’s already been a wild 9 days!

Sooner or later Ralphie Parker (social media content creator(s)) is going to take one too many snowballs (suspension, demonetized, outright ban) to his face and he (or she like in 2018) is going to deliver a beating to Scut Farkus(Big Tech)!

Big Tech, and all their enablers, got a clear warning what will happen by deplatforming someone – KNOCK IT OFF!
PLEASE STOP before we have another major tragedy in this country. Silencing someone is not the answer, if they’re wrong prove it.