Democrat Party’s Militant Wing Marches Through NYC


The democrat party’s militant wing, the media, political pundits and politicians etc call antifa, BLM, Black Bloc etc, boldly marched through the streets of New York. They seem to think the streets of NYC are theirs and why not? The election to them was confirmation the American people approve of what they’re doing as this site warned.

On Saturday another wing of these militant democrats assaulted Trump supporters in San Diego. How long America until you finally stand up to them? When will it be enough, because this MLK way Glenn Beck, Hannity and others on radio and tv are preaching DOES NOT WORK?

These MONSTERS Do Not Care about you wanting to be peaceful and non-violent. There is no difference between them and radical jihadists. Ask yourself HONESTLY, could you talk things out with alQaida or ISIS? Being totally serious here! The answer is NO. These dems, like jihadists, don’t care if Christ himself stood before them. They would berate and tell him to leave, up to and including threatening him with violence. They hate God, they hate you, they don’t want to talk anything out. The Democrats want 100% compliance or else.

So when will it be enough? When will Americans who keep saying, “we’re not going to take this,” “will fight for this country,” “not going to lose this country to commies” finally step up and start fighting? And for the record they’re already burning buildings, looting, physically attacking anyone who gets in their way, we have several killed already! Where are all you tough guys calling yourselves patriots with your beards, dip, kit (armor plate/mag carriers) with all your moral patches tricked out AR-15’s and Glocks? Hmm? Where are you, because the country you swear you will defend is under attack!?