Trump Issues Statement – Sorry Mr President There Will be NO Reconciliation, NO Unity


Pres Trump issued a statement that can only be interpreted as a concession speech tonight. He of course condemned the Capitol Building being stormed and the need to maintain civility. Then he spoke of the election then the transition calling for healing and reconciliation and lost me….

Sorry Mr President there will be NO reconciliation, NO unity (as the old kook has called for) with the people who called me a racist, bigot, domestic terrorist and all kinds of vile crap, condemned me for being white and male, that want to take my rights away, punish and enslave me for having different political beliefs.

They started this cultural.. social… COLD civil war that is about to get quite hot. Yes, there is forgive and forget but that is only for those who know not what they do as Jesus taught dying on the Cross.

These monsters who stole this election from you and really We the People KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID, taking notes on where things failed to do it even better the next time around. There is NO coming back for them. No apology will ever fix what they’ve done, no “we’re sorry, we took things too far.”

These monsters picked a fight with the wrong people.