Progressives Call for Trump to Be Removed From Office Immediately


Progressives* (dems & repubs… they’re one in the same at this point) feeling emboldened now that the election is officially over are calling for Pres Trump to be impeached and/ or removed from office via the 25th Amendment initiated by Pence! Even though there are less than 2 weeks of his presidency left these monsters… these Enemies of the Republic still fear Trump and the power he wields.

Pelosi is completely unhinged accusing Trump of inciting an armed insurrection! Really? At no time does she cite his inflammatory inciting words that caused people who are pissed off to storm the Capitol.

For the record there are some BIG question marks going up about those who caused the chaos. It did have a positive effect putting a slight bit of fear in these monsters occupying OUR Capitol Building.

Pelozie is so twisted someone from her staff posted to TWATter

Then we have these degenerate hacks…

We expect this kind of reaction from confederate democrats, but what was surprising was how fast TRAITORS within the now dead GOP are chiming in. Rep Adam Kinzinger, fmr COS John Kelly and others claiming to be republican are showing again whose side they’re actually on – their own!

The biggest existential threat to the United States are progressives, NOT China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, or radical jihadists. Frankly, America’s enemies are all sitting back enjoying the show, shaking their heads thinking “why didn’t we do that!”

A storm is coming….

*Progressive(s, ism) is PC for communists. Look it up, this site is NO LONGER doing your homework.
I’ll help you out with a starting point – Fabian Socialists.