Farewell Republican Party

Farewell Republican Party, it’s been a blast but you have crossed the American people for the last and final time.

Every election cycle we heard “this is the most important election,” where We the People FOOLISHLY gave you the power you begged for because you promised to “save the country.. save the republic” and you failed making excuses.

We gave you the House, you whined “we need the Senate.” We gave you the Senate, you then whined “we need White House.” We gave you it all and you still pissed it away, bowing down to special interests and especially your true masters the Democrat Party, so we’re done with you. And no yours truly is not going to waste time with a long list of grievances, you know what you’ve done.

In reality the GOP has become what the democrat party was 40-50+ years ago, and they have become the socialist party where many are actually closet communists.

No one is voting for republicans anymore, the only reason most of you won in recent elections is because of Donald Trump. It is over, the GOP is finished, don’t waste your time begging for donations and support. Each and everyone of you is done, you will not get any support from Constitutional Conservatives and a large percentage of the 70 million, more likely 85-90 million who voted Nov 3, 2020.

All of you in government seem to not understand YOU SERVE US, WE ARE YOUR MASTERS, YOU DO WHAT WE WANT NOT WHAT YOU “THINK” IS BEST FOR US. We say jump, you ask how high.

Republicans, like democrats, are a bunch of spoiled rotten children who have gone too far and now Mommy and Daddy, aka We the People, are going to give you the spanking of your lives.

When the country goes to hell under the incoming illegitimate regime, YOU INSTALLED THROUGH YOUR COWARDICE, we will remind each and everyone of you that you’re to blame at every single opportunity.

You crossed the American people for the last and final time. This site over 10 years ago called for a new party, the Patriot Party and now it’s trending, groups are popping up allover. NO ONE is going to talk us out of it, we don’t care who you are, what you “did” for us, we don’t care who you are, you’re IRRELEVANT. We will rise to power sweeping each and every one of you into the dustbin of history with your predecessors the Whig Party.